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"The time has come," the walrus said, "to speak of many things. Of docs and codes and CDI - of what tomorrow brings." The movement toward payments predicated on Value Based Purchasing, both by Federal and nonfederal payers, has not been delayed. Time for procrastination is over - are you ready for the inevitable? Do your physicians understand the impact of their not cooperating with a true ICD-10 real CDI program? Are they still stuck in the dangerous copy/paste mentality? Are you working OBS like it should be worked? If your docs aren't there now, you could be in big trouble.

Our educational programs are physician taught and medical staff led. If your doctors, nurse practitioners and physician's assistants are providing all of the diagnostic information needed for accurate inpatient coding, all Value determinations are there for Medicare or the private insurance companies to see. And physician billing in this new era of severity and complexity becomes so much easier for them.

The information that can be provided to a patient's medical record with the augmentation provided by our version of ICD-10 is of massive importance to patient care, whether we stay with I-9 or not. The processes that the major vendors of Electronic Health Records provide, in some way or other, is inadequate in helping the physician provide this specificity.

Now is the time to charge forward rather than turning back. To be able to get physicians familiar with terminology and specificity they will hear about for the rest of their professional careers, the earlier without pressure, the better.

Let us analyze your program, if you have one, and help identify how you can meet the needs of the future. Let us work with your medical staff and help them recognize the leadership role they need to succeed in a private practice or as a member of a group practice.

This additional time we have now will enable hospitals to get existing CDI staff trained to use ICD-10, specialty by specialty, disease by disease. This will permit them to learn, assimilate, become familiar and work with this system painlessly with the medical staff and with live charts. It’s no longer for the hospital alone – it’s no longer for the Medicare patient alone. It’s all docs, all patients, all payers, all arenas of medical practice. And the new words are still billable! The worst thing with starting this all now is that you’ll have better information in the charts regarding the patients. And, in my mind, that’s “meaningful use.”

We at DCBA can help the seasoned or new CDI teams and, especially, can engage the members of your Medical Staff of all specialties in the importance of being cognizant about any version of ICD diagnosis codes and words for the medical records that can lead to proper code assignment. You have time now. Take advantage of that time.

Give us a call. Let’s talk about it.
(770) 216-9691

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